Bespoke made vs shop bought: Which is better?

Bespoke made is definitely better

Your home is an extension of your personality, and should be a happy place for you to spend time. With such a personal space and intimate needs, choosing the right furniture for your home means an awful lot. The finishing touches of your home can be made with unique colours and elements, but the foundations are laid by your underpinning pieces of furniture. Here we discuss the choice between bespoke made vs shop bought.

Furniture is an investment that you’ll live with for a long time, so it’s important to get it right the first time. You not only need something hard wearing, that can stand up to everything a modern family throws at it, but also something that you will love and enjoy for many years to come.

If you’re wondering whether buying bespoke furniture is worth the investment, and what the benefits are over shop bought pieces, here’s what you need to take into consideration when making your furniture choice between bespoke made vs shop bought.

Is it really perfect?

If you’ve spent time shopping in chain furniture stores, you’ll already be aware of the conundrum you face when something is almost perfect. Maybe the style is perfect, but the size is off, or perhaps the colour is great, but the functionality is just not there. A one size fits all approach rarely works for anyone’s home, but with a bespoke item of furniture, it can be the truly perfect piece you’ve been dreaming of. Check out a bespoke table here made especially for our customer. 

Does it fit your space?

Buying readymade furniture is usually a world of compromises. The mentality is to buy something that will fit in the space you’ve got and hopefully look OK too. If you get it home and it simply doesn’t fit, you’ll need to start moving the whole room around to accommodate, or otherwise send it back. Bespoke furniture takes all the guess work out of the equation, providing you with a piece that can perfectly fit into even the most awkward of spaces, and which will not only look ‘OK’ but will be precisely what you imagined it to be. In this case bespoke made vs shop bought is a no brainer. Go for bespoke made.

Is it functional?

With many homes crying out for space, sometimes we need a little more from our furniture than basic shop bought items can provide. Maybe you want a wardrobe that conceals your study desk too? Or a bed with substantial underneath storage? Choosing bespoke made furniture means you can add in as much versatility as you want, creating your own perfect piece from scratch.

Veneer waiter cabinet
Built by Wood District

Is it built to last?

With the proliferation of flat packed furniture, and even with some of the ready built pieces, there is often an element of cost cutting involved. Cheaper materials, low cost fixtures and the dreaded MDF component mean you can rarely find a piece that will truly stand the test of time. When you ask for a custom built piece of furniture, you can specify the materials and methods to be used. Prefer dove tail joints to screwed in corners? Not a problem. Want tropical hard wood construction instead of cheap pine timbers? It’s your choice.

Is it ethically produced?

Where was your shop built sofa made? Were sweat shops or underage labour involved in the production of the material? Was the wood sustainably harvested and locally sourced? Chances are you wouldn’t know. Locally produced, handmade furniture is often built using locally sourced wood and local talent, meaning when you buy from a bespoke furniture manufacturer where you live, you’ll be not only supporting the local business and economy, but also reducing the environmental impact of your consumerism.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing bespoke furniture over shop bought, mass produced items. If you need something that truly accommodates all your needs and is unique to your own personal style and taste, talk to us today about your own custom made furniture piece for your home.

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