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Hot kitchen design trends for 2016

Kitchen Design

If you’re planning a kitchen design renovation in 2016, you might be wondering how to create something that looks inimitably modern and fashionable, but which is still going to be effortlessly functional and beautiful to boot.

As leading fabricators of beautiful custom wood kitchens for our customers in and around Dubai, here at Wood District we are always keen to keep our fingers on the pulse of the hottest design trends. With our own wood workshop and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, our job is to realise your biggest dreams in home design and help you create a stunning, contemporary kitchen design, fit for 2016 and for many years beyond.

Here’s our round up of 2016’s most desirable, most functional and most beautiful kitchen designs, to inspire and delight you as you start to plan your own kitchen renovation project. 

Kitchen design

  • Open plan

If you love to entertain, you’ll love an open plan kitchen design. Modern island cabinets and breakfast bars really come into their own when you throw a party, letting you really be the host with the most while still being in the middle of all the action. Think about opening out your dining space to create a natural flow from kitchen to dinner table, and enjoy cooking, pouring drinks and having a more modern, guest friendly space.

  • Contemporary country

It won’t come as a surprise to you to know that we love wood. We think that nothing beats a bit of beautiful, plain wood in a kitchen, and this year’s top trend of ‘contemporary country’ means that wood can really come into its own, even in a very modern setting. Soft pastels such as pale lemon and duck egg blue combine beautifully with rich mahogany or walnut elements to create a contemporary kitchen with a big nod to traditional elegance.

  • Crafty storage

One of the big reasons our customers love our input is because we help them create storage space where they thought they didn’t have any. If your cupboards are full to bursting, you’ll love this 2016 kitchen trend. From touch open drawers to concealed saucepan drawers, you can really have a place for everything when you design your kitchen with intelligent storage in mind.

  • Smart kitchens designs

Prepare to embrace technology in your kitchen, as smart kitchens make a stand for the first time in history. In 2016, there are more kitchen gadgets and gizmos than you can shake a stick at, and any kitchen redesign will hugely benefit from the integration of some of these incredible ideas. From fridges that let you order more milk when you’re running low, to hidden charging points for your phones and tablets, designing your kitchen with modern living in mind can make everything a whole lot easier.

  • Textural contrasts

Contrast has been big in kitchens for the past few years, with clashing colours and contrasting designs playing a major role in contemporary design. This year, we’re looking to textural contrasts to give your kitchen style and effortless taste. Combining elements like brushed steel or aluminium with natural finishes such as oak or pine will give your kitchen a deep feeling of interest and a cutting edge finished look.

  • Love of lighting

Lighting has evolved in leaps and bounds since the fluorescent strip style kitchen lights of the 1980’s. Most of us will, as a minimum, choose spotlighting or recessed down lighters for our kitchen illumination, but as 2016 moves on we’re seeing even more innovative uses of lighting. LED lighting in particular is hugely desirable, with hidden LED strip lights under cabinets receiving a surge in popularity. These types of lights are available in colour changing, remote controlled models too, letting the householder set the tone of their kitchen by painting it with coloured light, as the mood takes them.

Whatever you’re planning for your kitchen design, we hope our run down of the most popular trends for 2016 will help to inspire you and give you some out of the box ideas for how you can personalise your domestic kitchen space. Once you have settled on a design, don’t forget to talk to us about implementing your plans and breathing life into your dream kitchen.

Our team are ready and waiting to create truly beautiful, hand finished and custom built cabinets for your kitchen. Because we produce all our products in house, we are not constrained by standard measurements or any ‘off the shelf’ sizing. This gives us absolute freedom to implement your kitchen design exactly as you pictured it, no matter how ambitious your plans. Click here to see our work. 

We don’t just look after the wooden elements either. With expert installers, decorators and other specialists on our team, we’ll take your plans and bring them to beautiful life, ready for you to enjoy without involvement of anyone else. Talk to Wood District today about your kitchen project, and discover a new way to personalise that most precious room in your home.

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